A Moment in Time - poem by Sharon Gee

A Moment in Time

A moment in time that I wish I could freeze

Or travel back to the past with such ease

If I could, I would make it so right

I would then eradicate this endless plight

I ask myself of whose life I can still embrace

Or how many lives I could touch and face

In my imperfection, what can I perfect?

Whose life can I deeply and truly affect?

My purpose seemed so evident once upon a time

Yet now, it seems harried and with less rhyme

I’d like not to scatter to and fro

Rather, to know whose life I will grow

With energy and trust, I deeply say yes

To this bond that goes on like a true worthy test


Clouded from view through my own naked eyes

Is how the stars show in the midnight sky

Cannot see through past’s smoke and mirrors



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