Nani Kokua, a division of Circle Dot Marketing, LLC, offers individuals positive messages and sentiments in their daily lives. Our company believes in setting goals, steadfast commitment through the journey, and the celebration of each milestone.

Our goal is to help you believe in yourself and your aspirations, capitalize on your core strengths, and realize your passions.

About the Author

With a childhood love for writing, Sharon would entertain her sister and cousins with nightly storytelling about her goals and dreams. This translated early on to a short-lived foray into pre-journalism until she landed in her career passion, marketing.

Whether one’s desire is to dive into a new career territory, reinvent yourself, or create a distinct brand persona, Sharon’s emotionally charged writing motivates and inspires individuals to reach for their goals. As one experienced with her own sensitive issues, Sharon wants to instill positivity into your everyday journey.

Sharon Gee Simms
Sharon Gee, Storyteller


Nani Kokua wishes to inspire you to be a better version of yourself. If you’re already there, perhaps lend a helping hand to those who are in need. Hundreds of charities, non-profits, and individuals could use your help. Consider what gifts you may offer to others – from donations to volunteering to sharing your own motivational messages, your focus is critical for those who are in need.