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Are You Thirsty?

Are you thirsty? Thirsty not just for a sip of water, but thirsty to get started into the seemingly impossible in your life? Thirsty to be passionate about what your life is about? How do you quench your thirst?

Just like a first sip, it is taking that first step that is often the most satisfying, yet that can also be the most terrifying. What can you expect from your first foray into those unchartered waters? Will it feel invigorating, or will you feel yourself knocked around by the waves that crash all around you or will you be in a smooth as glass portion of those waters?

Are You Thirsty - blog post by Sharon GeeWell, often you will not know until you take the first step and then you swim, and swim and you swim. And when the challenging and punishing elements are right on top of you, how do you respond? Or do you avoid the risk of getting hurt, of even starting? Do you stay on the shoreline? Is that what you do? Yes, assess the risk. Be safe. Be secure. However, what is your thirst? Does your thirst reside on that other side of the ocean? To satisfy the thirst, the answer is within you.

When the ancient mariners traversed the seven seas, they navigated via the stars. Similarly, your navigation star chart is in your own mind. It is already there. It is already there for you to discover. Seek and find. Go and explore. Do and be.

Getting started is critical as is to address the rogue waves and the tidal waves that are right on your horizon. What an advantage it is to be able to take note of and move forward to quench your thirst.

Imagine if you could not take that first step, that first sip. If you were left thirsty day after day after day. Literally, there are thirsty for the most essential ingredient in life. That is water. I know, did you think that could be possible in the U.S. or around the world? There are people who do not have access to fresh, clean drinking water. Well, there are. From individuals who live on skid row in Los Angeles to the health care worker in Bangladesh, water is necessary for our survival. It is often, however, a luxury that is out of reach for many people throughout the world on a day-to-day basis. For drinking water alone, a man requires 13 cups of water daily and a woman needs 9 cups of water daily.

Do you think of water this way? You turn on the tap or buy bottled water or perhaps you have a purifier. In most places in the U.S., we have access to clean drinking water to quench our thirst, to cook with, and to clean up. Imagine not being able to quench your thirst because there simply is not the water to do so. That seems inconceivable. Many in the world face this major dilemma each day.

Thirst. Go for it. Get it. But maybe, also, give it away if you have already quenched your thirst.


Photo credit: ammar sabaa on Unsplash; Elizabeth Backman


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