Creating Your Personal Brand Persona

Creating Your Personal Brand Persona

A resurgence is in the air. With that new life, where do you fit in? Is it time to reevaluate your personal brand persona? Your brand persona is how you appear in your daily life. How do you perceive yourself as well as how do people perceive you?

What do you want your brand persona to be? Can you describe yourself in a 15 second clip? I am not necessarily talking from a career perspective although that is a big component. What is it that you’re looking for in life in terms of a philosophy, a brand statement, a goal, or a dream?

While the five different brand personas of excitement, sincerity, ruggedness, competence and sophistication are circulating in the sphere, it is not necessary to be dictated by just one type of brand persona, especially if you might be changing your sphere and redefining who it is you wish to be.

Here are some thoughts to consider:

Who you are is a component of who you were, how you perceive yourself presently, and who you want to be? We cannot change the past and we live in the present; however, what your future goal is – that is something that can evolve and change through time.

Here are five creative ways to think of what your brand persona is:

Lessons – This component is not only about the lessons you’ve learned, but about the lessons you want to teach yourself now or in the future. Think of these lessons as literal building blocks in your life. Each lesson builds upon the next. Life teaches us sometimes through those hard lessons that no one wants to look forward to. However, after the toughness has worn off, there is a moment of reflection. How have those lessons shaped you? What lessons do you want to keep, and which do you wish to discard?

Fragility – Think of those moments that you were vulnerable. You maybe were not confident. Your tried something new without knowing what the results were. How did that make you feel? You may have experienced exuberance or pure stage fright. Those moments tell you something even more about your brand persona. How do you respond in moments of (perceived) weakness?

Perseverance – In light of the tough battles in life, your steadfastness tells you a little more about yourself. There are times when it isn’t so hard to be focused on that end goal and then, other instances, when it is easier to let go. Both circumstances give you a new perspective to what your brand persona is or should be. What are you most focused on? Does that focus change from time to time?

Desires – Deep in your heart lies the desire. When you put away the fears, the objections, and the challenges in life, what is it that your heart says? We doubt ourselves with all sorts of negativity and suspicions. If you put those away for a moment or two, can you envision what it is that you truly want?

Circles – We can see that life is a series of circles – circles that intersect and sometimes circles that take us on various paths – sometimes far away from our original intent. Chart out your personal circles and see where each path has led you. They have led you to this moment in time. Is it time to reposition those circles, draw new circles, or continue on the same circular path?

The above is just one way we can review and look at our own personal brand persona. It can also be labeled based on your own aura. When you walk into a room, what is the vibe that people respond to? How do you, in turn, respond to someone else’s personal brand persona? You might actually evaluate yourself based on how people perceive your brand persona. Answer this. Is the reception positive or negative? Is it really, truly positive or really, awfully true negative? Answer honestly, as this will give you a very good idea of your brand persona.

Ask your close friends and family members what they think your brand persona is. If it is far off the mark, ask more specific questions to zero in on the traits and attributes that have formed their opinions of you.

What is it that you are trying to achieve? Is it you now? If so, congratulations! You’ve reached a brand persona milestone. If not, review the above and other brand persona journals to determine how you can be on the path to your brand persona successful path.


References: Investopedia

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