Days and Moments

What else is going on somewhere in my day-to-day

That it may seem that my heart is so meant to sway

There’s only one who has captured the essence of me

My heart, mind, and body are intertwined with he

The stage is set for how beautiful this feeling can grow

To the unknown setting neither yet knows

Risks and fears are supplanted by the magic of what is

Despite the meanderings of life and what is a hit or miss

Not able to say at any time what is meant to be said

Wait for the moment, is what we have to do instead

Caught by surprise to what has happened through this time

Yet, of course, it makes sense for the truest of kind

Life is ebbing and flowing in so many ways

I’m there to take the challenging journey that life brings always

To all corners of the earth, whether south, north, east or west

I’ll give you the support to what is your best

There’s no need to be sad or cry for these days

A healthy change brings a refresh we long for always

The constant is change through this life of insane that we live

I am there to be supportive, to love and to give

The passage of time has given us these moments to live on earth right here

I live in this moment in love for you, mon amour, my dear

Photo credit: Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash

Inspired by YOur true gifts in the beauty of who you are – Sharon

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