Do you feel it? - poem by Sharon Gee

Do you feel it?

A connection so strong, it can force field sound

It boomerangs and boomerangs, going round and round

Never stopping, always spinning, sometimes out of control

Your heart, mind and body, playing a role

Of trying to stay safe, trying to be strong

Not taking risks when you might not belong

Yet how can you not, when the light bends and twists

Into extraordinary shapes that your spirit can’t miss

Feel with abandon as the power takes hold

Or tighten your grip, how can you be bold

Our lives go in circles, negating straight lines

Leading to zig zags that show up in signs

Detours and stoppages may challenge and test

Yet amp up your testament to what you know best

A wattage so fierce that it’s blessed from above

Of unwavering courage, kindness and love


Photo by Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash

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