Don’t Stop Believin’ that it isn’t Journey: DSB

Journeying into a Journey concert with DSB, you forget that you’re not seeing the actual band. If you close your eyes and focus on the stupendous voices, you’re transported to a live Journey event. DSB, the #1 Journey tribute band in the world, captures the soul of Journey, from “Don’t Stop Believin’ and every song beforehand, this group belted out one song after another just like the original band.

Seeing DSB at the Canyon Montclair is a treat itself in which the venue is intimate and the sound system pours justice to the group’s vocals.

I’m not able to compare the actual Journey band to DSB; however, based on the audience’s response, myself included, no feeling was lost in translation with this group’s rendition of every Journey song. Capturing Steve Perry’s signature vocals is no small feat and DSB does it all justice.

Want to believe in the Journey music? DSB makes Believin’ just as real as it can be. Catch the next DSB concert!

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