Erase the Blue - poem by Sharon Gee

Erase the Blue

Three times a day, I think of you

May I erase the oh so blue

Try as I might, it is always there

To tease me, to tempt me, if I dare

Then, one moment, I am so sane

So alive and not in pain

The feeling then takes over me

Sadness, unfortunately is how I’ll be

I cannot stop what has taken place

Because our love had no haste

I ponder for a second or even two

I realize what rings so true

I found a love so rare and fine

No matter what, yes, love is blind

I won’t regret what I feel is right

I live with feelings, so dark, so light

Three times a day, I think of you

This time, however, I’ll erase the blue


Photo by Kristine Tanne on Unsplash

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