How Can I? - poem by Sharon Gee

How Can I?

How can I feel blessed when I feel broken?

How can I be moving forward when my mind is spinning backwards?

How can I feel giddy when I feel sad?

How can I feel logical when my heart is torn?

How can I discover a new path when I am still on the old?

How can I be found when I am always lost?

How can I create when I never start?

How can I journey if too afraid to adventure?

Yet –

How can I be sad when all is good?

How can I anticipate dismay when the future is so bright?

How can I be in the dark when I find the light?

How can I misplace my heart when love surrounds?

How can I lose when the game is still on?

How can I stop moving during the dance?

How can I cry when I clearly rejoice?

How can I falter when I always restart?

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