You’re one-of-a-kind in kindness extraordinaire

I see it in every move and sentiment with care

A kind heart matches the beauty from within

Exuding empathy with every word that begins

A kind strength that knows no bounds

Creating positivity for those who are around

Kind and thoughtful with actions that flow

Your generous and considerate ways do glow

A kind soul so compassionate with gentle ways

Overly nice, too nice, so nice, you cannot be, I say

Kind from the beginning to the very end

Of every conversation, discussion, your kindness does blend

Into every talk, every touch, every call, everyday

Kindhearted, a humanitarian for this new age

All this from another old soul, who would like to turn the page

To a kinder, more innocent time that we both would like to share

To you, my kind person, I appreciate your niceness extraordinaire

Photo by Gina Ball on Unsplash

To yOu, my gentle, kind soul – thank you for inspiring me – Sharon

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