Letting it Fly - poem by Sharon Gee

Letting it Fly

I watched as the bird took its first step

It fluttered its tiny wings

Then, it transitioned through the days

To flying for a moment and then for seconds

Eventually, it was minutes

Promoted by its mother, the baby bird

Grew more assured each day

I was happy to witness its development daily

As the bird progressed, I knew that one day

And that one day happened, without a doubt

That it would fly away and not return

I think about that tiny bird just learning

And then suddenly taking flight

I see that little bird in the people I meet

Who learn, grow stronger, and adapt

Unlike the bird, I share with them on their almost in flight journey

Where they go from shaky to steady

And eventually, whatever that purpose is or passion

They fly – and fly so high into the sky

They may return to visit and if not

I recall the memory of their first steps

The wonder. The excitement

I am lucky to have shared in their new discovery


Photo by Håkon Helberg on Unsplash

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