Livin’ on More than a Prayer with Bon Jovi

Pouring out the 80s hits that make Bon Jovi always on a Bed of Roses in fans’ minds, this group put their all into the Austin Moody Center performance. With the sold out to the rafters show at this 15,000+ brand-new arena, Bon Jovi truly catered his songs to zealous fans who mouthed one top hit after another with him.

Jon Bon Jovi has the moves, the stage presence, and the musical chops to rival a musician half his age. Although his vocals are nowhere near the incredible voice of yesteryear, his showmanship, guitar playing, and high-octane band deliver.

Starting the show with the fan favorite, Limitless and having his encore include Livin’ on a Prayer, one is transformed to the big hair and big rock bands of before. And rockin’ is what this group does to the nth degree. Phil X and Hugh McDonald, exceptional guitarists, and the band altogether bring each song to greater heights that exceed expectations.

At the heart of the concert is Jon Bon Jovi himself – not only as the performer and lead singer who he is, but as a humanitarian and all-around nice person. His words on current events struck a chord throughout the arena, leading him to belt out We Don’t Run. As his voice soared, fans were united not just past and present, but with fans throughout the globe who all share in the common goal of joy and being in the moment of the music Always.

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