Living a Large Heart

The on-going trend continues to focus on living large in a tiny space. Whether on YouTube, a podcast, or on social, influencers have keyed into design ideas for RV, apartments, or other smallish dwellings with one goal in mind…making the place feel larger.

What if we explored this tiny idea to how you live in your heart in a big way no matter where you are in life? What do I mean?

  • Filling the Void – times of loneliness can feel like they will go on forever. An empty space exists. When it seems like you’re not receiving that appreciation, acknowledgement, empathy, or support, this is an excellent time to do the reaching out yourself. Think of the persons in your life who you know are suffering, equally or even more than you. Reach out to them and offer support. A kind word, a listening ear, or even a diversion offers respite that that person needs. While doing so, you, in turn, will start to move from your own issues and feel better about your own self in helping others.
  • What You Mean to Me – Have you taken an inventory of your life? When you do so, certainly, you may remember those specific instances when someone came to your rescue, offered support, listened, cried with you, or even laughed with you. Did someone assist you with a relationship issue? What about the mentors in your life? Perhaps there is a special teacher? Reach out to that person and specifically tell them how he/she made an impact in your life. It may seem awkward at first; however, do you know how many people never know about his/her impact…we hear about the glowing remarks during a Celebration of Life, but that person is already gone, so that person won’t know…the family and close friends will, but that person will not. Don’t wait until it is literally too late. Call, text, message and say, “Hey, I want you to know you did this for me…and I appreciate it.”
  • Amping Up Your Actions – Living large in your heart often means stepping outside of your individual sphere. From random acts of kindness to the pay it forward strategy, people everywhere are adopting small heartfelt actions that often turn into larger plays in the community. In the online world, individual one-on-one attention can get lost. An individual’s kind words can have a larger than life affect in the virtual world.

In uncertain times or times of plenty, living a large heart is always applicable and has a role in your life and in the community. Drop me a line and let me know what you’re doing to give your own heart actions in the world! Love to know what is working for you!

Photo credit: Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

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