Living in the Moment of the Music: Air Supply

Living in the moment of the music is how I would describe every second of an Air Supply concert. I had the pleasure of experiencing my 22nd time with this duo extraordinaire. Russell Hitchcock’s soaring tenor voice combined with Graham Russell’s beautiful lyrics captivated the wild exuberance and intensity of the Waikiki crowd.

The venue, the Blue Note Hawaii, situated right on Kalakaua Avenue makes for the ideal setting to take in this group who have been performing since May 1975. This, their last night within their Waikiki concert stint, hit all the perfect notes.

Beginning the evening with the dramatic and spell binding, Sweet Dreams, the concert continuously reached new crescendos throughout the night. Possibly due to the intimate Blue Note Hawaii setting and the crowd make-up of locals and tourists, the energy created by Air Supply was returned multi-fold by the audience’s chants and applause.

Playing for multiple decades, Graham shared that he and Russell have never had an argument – they are always the best of friends. This is quite a feat given the usual tumultuous relationships within bands.

Their electrifying music chemistry is evident with each song. From one top 40 favorite to another, Air Supply’s songs exceeded the crowd’s expectations. Whether one chose to sit back and be immersed into a fantasy like state, swayed to the musical sounds, or took part in singing their all-familiar favorite tunes, every positive expression was met with the roar of the music and voices…in tune…in harmony…and with an overabundance of love. Never all out of love, an Air Supply concert transcends in every manner.

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