Perfectly Imperfect 2x

Perfectly imperfect, not cast for all time

To a motion in life that has no rhythm or rhyme

Imperfect in its creation yet perfect in the end

Your path may meander into its own tailspin

The perfection is the goal set before you right here

Shedding an imperfect light to the prism’s true sear

The perfect beam is bestowed in your altogether mind

Although imperfect darkness can make you feel blind

The truth is out there, imperfectly hidden in plain view

Of the people who you can trust who know the true you

The imperfect aloneness can get to us all

Yet, some togetherness is here if you can take the perfect fall

Humanity shares the imperfect, our imperfect true ways

Perfectly imperfect is the gift we all share in life for always

Photo Credit:  Olivia Krueger on Unsplash

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