Permission to Love BTS

With a kaliescope of colors, sounds, and ultra-choregraphed dance moves, BTS (Bangtan Boys) mesmerizes in multiple ways. Beginning with Permission to Dance, BTS intersperses their singing and dance moves with a multi-media stage production.

The BTS Army Bomb lights, perfectly coordinated with each song, provide fans the interactivity they crave; one is easily transfixed and moved into a new dimension, swaying to the beat of the music while the Army Bombs sashay from red, orange, blue, green & more to the pulsating rhythm of the BTS tunes.

Among the fevering girlish screams, it might be difficult to make out the actual lyrics of the song. No problem as those songs are embedded into the fan’s minds. With each darkening of the stadium lights and the subsequent stage lights on, the fever reached new heightened pitches. Fireworks, carefully timed, like everything else in the production, added to the never-ending performance of the BTS show.

Like a Korean soap drama, BTS provides the anticipation unlike almost any other concert experience. That drama unfolded, one song after another, always reaching the fans expectations as evidenced by the broadening screams, waving of Army Bombs, and cheers as the songs progressed through the night.

Never mind that the Allegiant Stadium doesn’t provide for the best sound system. No worries if you’re seated in the no man’s land seats. If you’re there, you are part of a BTS loyal fan experience. You’re directly experiencing the phenomenon. Their popularity transcends to the extent that BTS sold the experience at the offsite, MGM Grand Arena where fans witnessed BTS from big screens.

Officially transformed into a BTS fan, I give myself Permission to Dance as Life Goes on in a Dynamite way.

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