Sometimes witty, sometimes teary, sometimes fun, and almost always emotional, Nani Kokua poems are meant to be thought-provoking and draw upon your sensitivities.

Rain. - poem by Sharon Gee


Although life is challenging and claws at me Whew! It’s those moments that I will be Laughing at what is

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Nani Kokua blog - Are You Thirsty?

Water. Falls.

A sprinkling touch that is barely noticeable Transfers into a heart splash that captures your attention Into a waterfall cascading

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How Can I? - poem by Sharon Gee

How Can I?

How can I feel blessed when I feel broken? How can I be moving forward when my mind is spinning

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Circle of Emotions - poem by Sharon Gee

Circle of Emotions

Beginnings Smiles. Joy. Laughter. Surprises. Stories. Friendly. Inquisitive. Knowledgeable. Mid-Term In step. In tune. Together. Playing. Planning. Creative. Fun. Renewals

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