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Second Chances

Do you believe in second chances? Do you believe in a restart or a way to right a wrong? What stops us from having that second chance in life? Perhaps it is fear. It is self-doubt. There could be thoughts that you don’t deserve to have a second chance. However, history teaches us that there are many people, whether they are celebrities, sports figures, or ordinary people who have restarted and given themselves a second chance. Think of Muhammed Ali, the Greatest. He evaded the draft. Therefore, he was not part of boxing for about four years, and he came back, and he won all these heavy weight titles.

There is also Michael Jordan. He left basketball and went on venture into baseball and he subsequently returned back to the Bulls and won three championships. Now, perhaps you’re not an athlete, like me, just an ordinary person and you want to try something new, or you want to restart, or perhaps you just want a second chance at something that you failed at or you perceived that you failed at – you didn’t actually attempt. And so, perhaps now is the right time to get restarted.

Nani Kokua blog - Second ChancesIt’s similar to people make maybe stronger offenses or actual mistakes in their lives. We all make mistakes, but there are people that make serious mistakes. They are rehabilitating themselves and they’re trying something new. For example, there are the people who are inmates in prisons, such as the San Quentin prisoners. A few of these prisoners are participating in the San Quentin Marathon. That’s really a way for them to rediscover themselves and push themselves into something that they would not have thought they could do – to do a marathon of 26.2 miles is pretty extraordinary. To train your body and to also train your mind to start something, to finish it, and to envision something completely different. It’s probably not something that they ever thought they would do when they entered prison. While they’re in prison, what a great thing to do to – to exercise their mind as well as their body. Some of them may never leave San Quentin. So, it’s not necessarily that they are going to leave and become an athlete after that or something to that effect.

However, it provides them with a sense of freedom while they’re running and training, and it’s providing them an opportunity to rethink who they are and what they can be. The lesson for us is to think of how you can have a second chance, a second chance at maybe a new career, a second chance at a relationship that needs to be mended, a second chance at doing a hobby or some sort of interest that you’ve always wanted to do. It’s maybe not necessarily a second chance, it’s actually trying something new or differently. Train your mind to think of envisioning a new way or a new method or a new person that you can be.

You can think of yourself in this manner and don’t need to be stuck in a rut. Try something different and or try something new Surprise yourself. That is what life is about.


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