The 4th Road

Once on a road, so known and so kind

So well traveled, nowhere was I blind

I could zig, I could zag and never be lost

It was easy to traverse, go through and cross

Along came you, who without a doubt hitchhiked my mind

Here’s a new road you say, where you’ll literally unwind

You’ll find abundance is definitely altogether here

And experience such joy in places if you dare

You took my hand and led me down the luscious path

Meandering yet thrilling, I did not look back

This road existed, but I hadn’t known it was there

It was daring, it was intriguing, to me without care

I was in it so deep, through its narrow tunnels and breaks

I moved forward though its darkness although I did forsake

One day, I could not see, know, or feel you there

On an unknown road, scared, I must so declare

I could peer down the street and see a flicker of light

It seemed that you were there, but you offered no sight

Sometimes crawling, sometimes walking through sage and through brush

I did what I needed, wanted, yet scanned, could it all be enough?

I finally arose out of its branches to the road from before

However, its streets were out of alignment, from its center, yes core

Something is off, but it seems like the same

No, it’s not the road, but it’s me that I blame

I’m not on the same road, I have changed so throughout

I turn to the left and right and straight, and I ponder my thought

A fourth road is now the one I’ll be on

It is a new one altogether that I will belong

A fourth road, one that takes on the unbridled past

However, forges a new path that will not always last

This fourth road will lead to the next and the next

It is the latest one yet, but maybe not best

Life shows us these different roads for us to feel and be

Sometimes spinning to fantasy, but reality, you will soon see

The fourth road is the one that shows up on its sign

You’ve unleashed the hitchhiker and unharnessed your mind

Photo credit: Deva Darshan on Unsplash

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