The New Stratosphere

I am alive today to what is new

I promise you yesterday, it was askew

Yes, the crooked day was not so right

Yet I awoke and I see no plight

Life is straightened, so ideal, and fun

All these months, however, I saw no sun

It was dark and bleak with white out snow

Can you now see this endless glow?

No longer filtering air from the smoky skies

It’s clear and smooth as glass and in my mind I’m wise

To the days long gone that are now in the past

I have surmounted the pain because anguish can’t last

Trapped in a mind that had extinguished dreams

Now emerged to newfound perceptions is what it seems

No, it’s always been there is what I see

That life I envisioned is there to hold and be

Capture that fairytale, don’t be blind

Your heart will mend; it just takes time

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