The Unicorn

On a blustery summer day

I gazed in the meadow, and I saw it sway

Its beauty so stunning that I could only stare

As I’d never held such kindness in my glare

Multi-colored horn with whiteish as white mane

It galloped, so full of life, no it was not so tame

A butterfly caught its heart-shaped eye

And with joy, it frolicked through the midnight sky

Day after day, I caught a glimpse

As the unicorn created its funny hijinks

So happy I was to share this dimension with it

It was real I said, no matter the myth

As the days passed by, I memorized its ways

Trying to be like it, I would meet its gaze

I started to think it was sharing this world just with me

‘Cause I asked everyone, is it a unicorn that you see?

No one owned up to what I knew was so true

And days when it seemed elusive, I would not be so blue

I knew the Unicorn would show up here and there

When I least expected it, it would certainly appear

The seasons changed and dark befell the forest floor

Its lightness turned night to day with every smile it bore

I’d close my eyes and still feel its spirit surround

The Unicorn’s warmth shown so clear and all around

It’s found the answer to life’s age old goal

The key to happiness with its sunlight glow

With each day, I will learn from the very best

How to appreciate this unique day from all the rest

I turned around and then I swore I saw the Unicorn was right there

In the pond’s moonlight it was plainly near

The Unicorn knew no bounds to what it could be

It’s a sentiment I see now in the reflection in me

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