Trouble Be Gone

Tumbling and somersaulting into the life of trouble

Rambling, rumbling, crumbling the life of double

Heart no longer sings with cries into the night

Haunting thoughts that blur my mind and sight

Into the emotionless vacuum of the life of yours

When once I was in a life that knew to soar

Yet a butterfly flies into the seemingly endless space and time

And lights up the world with its niceness and kind

It flutters its wings and seems to be hardly there

Yet its whispers are like beams that breathe life now and here

The light filters in and disperses the dark

No longer a world so sad and so stark

Purple hues, pinks, yellows, and greens are all around

The entire rainbow of colors do so surround

The butterfly climbs through the open sky above

Visualize now the care and gentle that envelopes with love

A life so free was always right here

And I will never lose sight of what is true and so dear

Photo Credit: Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

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