Truths and Pretends

Jarring memories pull to the past, with such conviction meant to last

Emotions so deep they sear to my core, piercing and tearing me ever more

Yet this truth has lost its form, no longer lingering to be my new norm

Promises and pretends fade to dark. This heartfelt gal has a brand-new arc.

Here and now is where I’ll be, not in a fantasy of you and me

New truths unfold each single day, with fresh new people who will pave the way

This love threatens to take over my mind, it would if I let it for all this time

No need I say to be sad or have fear, it will be there today, tomorrow and every day of the year

It is always there to reminisce, but does not need to define me and what I’ll miss

Photo credit Jamie Street on Unsplash

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