A turnaround 180, I have arrived. I am here.

So, totally present in what life holds dear.

Yes, my dreams are intact.  My reality is clear.

Not wishing for something different than all that is near.

Not down for the count although one may have wanted it this way.

No, the challenges I have met, and I am stronger each day.

The living will within me meant reaching outside.

Pushing forward through pain to eradicate its reside.

Not ever lingering too long in what was or what could be.

Rather, what is now, what I learned, and how it will be.

Hurt, goodbye, I say now, you’ll never hurt me again.

I am on to those who I love and who are my dear friends.

Thank you, I say to the learnings from above.

I most appreciate the goodness and kindness of love.

Photo credit: Photoholgic on Unsplash

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