What If? - a poem by Sharon Gee

What If?

What if I could change the dimension?

Into a new time and space?

What if I could be in a different era?

That could slowly take place

What if I was born years before or after you?

One that had exuberance continuously

What if that was possible?

Than to face the daily blue

What if I didn’t have this meaning in my life?

To carry me with memories that surround

What if I had no clue of your joyful smile

Or the way you made me laugh with no bounds

What if I never experienced heart break

That tears at me from all sides

What if I knew not this feeling

Of a love where heart resides

What if I could change the dimension?

And be in a new time and space

What if I never knew of your love

Of your aura that exudes in every place?


Photo Credit: malith d karunarathne on Unsplash

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